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Mighty Micah | Birth Story

There are not enough words to describe the feelings I got when Krista contacted me about her birth session! We chatted back and forth and eventually got to meet at the maternity shootout in dayton! (Krista was the mommy model!) She was SO gorgeous, Check out her maternity session here! 

Krista has two older boys, and for her third baby they wanted to keep the gender a surprise! Her pregnancy had not been like her previous ones. She had went early with both her older boys and expected nothing less this time around. But little did we know, Micah had other plans! The day before her due date, Krista went in to be induced. She was so great about updating me throughout the weeks, I anticipated each and every message! When induction day came, I couldn’t stand the thought of waiting. Her birth center was about 45 minutes from me and I was PARANOID to say the least, that they would break her water and then BAM baby would be here. So I literally left as soon as I dropped Beckett off to school! 

I met her husband (Shane) in the parking lot when he was going to get their bags, he probably thought I was crazy! haha! 


It was an amazing day! Krista labored BEAUTIFULLY! They broke her water shortly after I arrived and she dilated about two cm every two hours. We chatted in the beginning and I just loved getting to learn more about this beautiful family. We watched what seemed like a million episodes of Love it or List it and Krista got in her zone. Her contractions got super intense at times and it totally melted my heart to see Shane comfort her and talk her through the really tough ones. He even had her laughing! 


She reached 8cm and it finally felt like we were on the home stretch… little did we know, things were about to get crazy, and quick. It felt like less than 10 minutes later Krista all of a sudden felt her body pushing on its own. You could hear the panic in her voice, I hit the call a nurse button and told them she was having the urge to push. It was like pushing that button opened the gates to chaos. Her nurse came in and was followed by what seemed to be 10+ other nurses. 

2 minutes you guys. This rockstar pushed for TWO FREAKING MINUTES! It was crazy, my heart was thumping and I literally could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins! Arrived Mighty Micah He had the chubbiest cheeks and was soooooo cheesy!!


Momma got to snuggle her boy for a short time before they moved Micah over to the warmer to try and get him pinked up. I joined them and snapped away but as I listened I could hear the concern in their voices and I stepped away. Micah was having trouble getting oxygen. They began talking about transferring Micah to Children’s and my heart sunk. Momma was devastated, she kept it together far better than I could have. I followed them to the nursery where they took Micah for further evaluation and waited to hear whether Micah would be staying or going. Unfortunately he would be going. I prayed the entire way home, and anxiously (thats an understatement) waited for an update from Krista. The next day Krista text me to let me know what Micah wasn’t actually having trouble breathing, but had a heart defect that would require open heart surgery a few days later. They transferred him once again to Columbus and 4 days after he was born, Micah underwent open heart surgery. Mom sent me updates throughout the day, and I am so grateful. Micah and the whole family had been in my thoughts constantly.

I am BEYOND thrilled to tell you Micah is HOME and getting healthier every day! His surgery was hopefully his one and only surgery. Please keep praying that he keeps getting stronger every day. I hope you loved this session, I most certainly do.

Thank you Krista, & Shane for allowing me to document this crazy, wild, but BEAUTIFUL moment in your life. It will be one i’ll never forget!