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UNPLUGGED Ceremonies- To do or Not to do?!

You’ve heard about it, I’m sure. If not- no problem! I’ll break it all down for you!

What am I talking about exactly?! Unplugged Ceremonies. It’s when you ask your guests to turn of their devices (cell phones & I pads alike!) during your ceremony.

As a photographer & having been a bride myself, I can tell you I am all for it!

Here’s why.

From a photographer stand point! It allows me to work and move without having to weave around guest, I won’t have to worry about cell phones or I pads creeping into the aisle as your making your way towards the love of your life (and you won’t have to worry about not seeing their reaction because Aunt Betty as her mega tablet out trying to get a quick picture for her instagram story Or Uncle Bob who has a nice camera and likes to practice– your wedding day isn’t the place to test out his new zoom lens)! And lets be honest, who wants to look back and see a bunch of cellphones in your gorgeous wedding photos?!


As a former bride, here’s why I love it! My wedding was a day I had DREAMED about, 8 almost 9 years together before Kenny & I said I do, our journey was long, and occasionally bumpy, but there we were! We wrote our own vows, and our friend Chuck performed the most beautiful ceremony. Your wedding will be no different, a monumental moment in your relationship, a life long commitment to your best friend! You want your guest to be PRESENT. To hear those vows so they can remind you of them when days get tough, to catch those sweet looks you share during the quiet moments, and to hear one of you fumble your words because you are so taken aback at how absolutely amazing your soon to be husband or wife looks!

I promise, its only for a short time, when cocktail hour hits, I encourage them to get out their phones and document the rest of the celebration through their eyes!

Here’s how!

There are a few ways to encourage your guest to unplug for your ceremony, first- have a sign by where the guest enter that encourages them to put away their phones! Another way to ask is by adding a little note on your programs! It’s always easier to have someone else do the hard stuff- Have your officiant make a quick little announcement before you walk down the aisle noting that you guys have requested that guest be fully present, turning off devices and enjoying this time with you! Bonus: Do all three! haha!

Most guest are pretty respectful when they realize that it’s something that is important to you guys!!

So just remember, your photographer will love you, and more importantly your guest will be present and fully experiencing your ceremony!

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