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Mighty Micah | Home at Last

I truly can only imagine what Krista and Shane felt like when they knew their baby boy was being transferred to a different hospital shortly after he was born. That blow was followed by a few more when they found out their couple hour old Micah had a heart defect and would need open heart surgery and a transfer to yet another hospital. 

Krista and I had talked before her birth and during labor about her older boys seeing the baby for the first time. I knew how excited it was and my heart broke when I knew we wouldn’t be capturing those moments. I left the hospital that night with my own heart in my throat, not know the extent of Micah’s issues. I wasn’t able to get pictures at the hospital so Krista and I decided I would just join them in their home once they were settled. 

I loved seeing Micah, finally meeting his big brothers and getting to finally capture this family as a completed family of 5 ( 6 if you count their first four legged baby!) Some of my favorites from their lifestyle session! ps. Happy Birthday Krista!!! Hope this makes for a good little birthday surprise!!