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It’s a…..!!!!!

Yesterday was my sweet husband’s birthday!! We celebrated with a small birthday party with parents and grandparents. What they didn’t realize is that his birthday party was also a gender reveal!! 

We thought it would be fun to tell everyone that we chose to NOT find out what baby #2 was. (But we did! There is NO way I could wait till the end!!) And surprise them with a gender party. We had a great gender party when we were pregnant with Beckett and although we decided to do things on a much smaller scale, it was still exciting! 

I’ve been trying to use my camera more to capture some video of exciting moments, clearly I don’t know what im doing, but its still neat to have it! Although I didn’t take pictures of my cute oreo pops, fruit kabobs, or jello shooters. I seriously suck at documenting the details of the parties we have! (Although, details are my favorites in my other sessions!)

Welp, I’ll make you wait no longer!!! Baby Marsh is a…….. 

It’s a GIRL!!!!!!

Blessed. It’s the only way to describe how I feel. God has shown me more love through my kiddos than I could even imagine. Having a daughter means so much to me. It’s my chance for a re-do. My chance to have a closer relationship with my daughter than I had with my mother. I get butterflies thinking about Kenny having a little girl. Beckett and I are like two peas in a pod. He will forever and always be my baby boy. I’m thrilled Kenny gets to experience that daddy / daughter bond! Of course we would be so happy to have a boy, we truly want a healthy baby. But we are excited about this new experience and new adventure. Beckett still has not quite jumped on the excited train, but he’ll get there!!! 

I know my mom played some role in this blessing, and I am so grateful that we have someone so very special watching over us.

It honestly doesn’t feel real. I can’t even wrap my mind around what it will be like to have a girl. As excited as I am, I am SO nervous. I hope that in my daughter I can instill confidence in herself, a level head, humbleness, honor, integrity and wisdom. I hope ( I know- it’s a long shot!) That we grow together never having those years where we want to strangle each other. 

I am so grateful for a God who has blessed us as he has, a husband who is amazing in more ways than one, TWO healthy kiddos, and family and friends who have been excited and supportive throughout all of our life’s changes!!

A busy day today- Second shooting with Lindsey Kay Photographer, be on the look our for a few more peeks of Markia’s family as well as a gorgeous newborn who helped me grace the new studio!! A BIG thank you to Premier Decorating for the awesome balloons!!