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Emma & Olivia | Twins

Where do I even start!? Let’s start with Momma. I worked with Katie years ago at The Center For Autism Education. She saved me on more than one occasion, we spent countless hours together talking about life. I finally got to snap some pictures of Katie & her husband Tom at Christmas minis, last year I think?! When Katie reached out about shooting her girls I was SO STINKING EXCITED! I wasn’t sure how I would swing it, smack dab in the middle of busy season- plus I was about 7.5 months pregnant at the time! Normally that wouldn’t be any big deal, except Katie, Tom & the girls live in Missouri! We did it! It was a crazy long few days but I we got them taken! 

Olivia & Emma were my first ever set of twins! Nervous was an understatement. Not nerves about there being two, just more that I would disappoint mom & dad. (I guess thats totally still a possibility considering this the first time they are seeing the majority of the pictures!) Katie & Tom had a beautiful home and I was so excited to shoot in the girls nursery! It was literally like my dream nursery! It was so neat to see the girls already blooming personalities. Emma seems like she is going to be the easy going type, while Olivia may give mom and dad some trouble. She was bright eyed almost the entire time together. Both girls you can already tell adore their daddy. Katie is like a momma super hero already. She doesn’t even have bags under her eyes! Mommas all over are going to be secretly hating her- I, personally, cant get enough makeup on my face to cover my dark bags! Tom said he knew from the beginning there was two which I think is seriously the coolest thing. Sometimes you just know. Mommy-hood looks so great on you, Katie-but two looks even better!! Congratulations to both you and Tom on these gorgeous girls, they are BOTH so blessed to have you! Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this AMAZING time in your lives! 

A few of my favorites!