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Melissa & Sam | Engaged

I absolutely adore these two!!! When Melissa & Sam reached out about their wedding next year I instantly knew it was gonna be one of a kind!

We met at a little local pub, chatted a little before heading out, and I could tell from the first few moments how in love with each other they are. A little mis-communication sent Melissa on a small goose chase for Sam before their session, and even though they claimed Sam was in the dog house- I could see it. Written all over Melissa’s face- she wasn’t really mad. Maybe annoyed but most definitely not mad.  

It was easy with these two, every time they looked at one another you could see it. They adore each other. I felt like I almost got wrapped up in their love. Just in a small conversation with Sam about Melissa while she was changing outfits I could see how much he loves her. Melissa is one of those girls (Now, this is totally my personal opinion!!) she has absolutely no idea how beautiful she is. I see it, Sam most definitely sees it and soon you will too! They both have an infectious smile, i’m assuming they take over the room when they walk in!

I had such a good time with these two, I hope they had a good time! It was SO hard to narrow down their session, but these are just a few of my favorites!!! Thank you Sam & Melissa for such a good night! I am beyond excited for your big day next year!!