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Lisi Family | Waiting on Baby

This was the second (& third) time I have gotten to work with Brandi, Josh and handsome Mathew and each time I fall in love with this little family even more!! 

Lets just start off with how GORGEOUS Brandi was and how much she ROCKED that black dress and her amazing job at outfitting her family!!!  Our first session was going so great and we were headed off to finish the last little bit of Brandi in the black dress when poor Mathew was so upset he ended up making himself sick, and I mean REALLLLLY sick. Thankfully the next day worked out for our schedules and Mathew was ready to rock! We ended up with some beautiful light, Made me excited for spring and golden sunsets!! 

I am SUPER excited to meet this suprise gender baby soon!! Gosh! I am secretively (but now not so secretively hoping for a girl for them, mainly because I just know how much Arden has added to our family and I have LOVED seeing Beckett as a big brother to her! 

SO many favorites from this session!! SO excited to meet baby Lisi!!