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She Said YES! | A Surprise Proposal

Where do I even begin?! (The actual beginning is probably a good place! Ha!) 

So I got a message or a phone call from Shannon telling me her cousin’s boyfriend wants to propose and asking if I would be available to photograph it!? I was like… “uhhhhh YES!” So we hammered out a day on all of our calendars– and then the real fun started. 

I was concerned she would know what was happening so we came up with a plan, I would post about a styled shoot– Looking for a couple to model for me. Shannon would then tag her cousin and Tony (her cousin’s boyfriend) and Tony would make sure they responded to my model call! 

All was great, I posted the “model call” and in started pouring the emails from couples interested in modeling for the model call that truly never existed. Not one was from Laura and Tony. I text Shannon, mildly freaking out. I NEVER expected to get so much interest. FINALLY I got the inquiry from Laura & Tony and we were good to go! 

Except the Weather, Thunderstorms were on the forecast so I text Shannon who text Tony and said No matter what, He didn’t want to wait another day! 

We started out as weeks quickly turned into days before, which quickly became the day of! I showed up a Jameson Manor and Shannon of course blew my mind with how gorgeous the set up was! The floral arch was created by Joe Warnement of Apollo Career Center, Bouquet was from Town & Country Flowers, All of which was accented with the gorgeous setting of Jameson Manor!

Shannon and I arrived before Tony and he arrived before Laura. You guys– I was SO SO nervous. I felt more nervous than Tony. Shannon was so nervous! But we had a chance to calm down and arrange the exact plan on how Tony would ask Laura! 

Once Laura arrived we headed outside to do some portraits and loosen them up, then we went inside to take pictures in front of the arch. I was shaking SO BAD!! 

We played a word association game and Tony knew on his second turn he would ask! So I sent Tony over to put down the Laura’s bouquet (really he was getting the ring box that was behind the pillow!!) 

If you haven’t watched the video, head on over to Jameson Manor’s facebook or Instagram page!! 

Laura’s reaction was perfect (obviously she said yes!) and we ended with a few more portraits before some family came over to celebrate!! 

Congratulations Laura & Tony, I was so honored to be apart of this moment and beyond happy for you both!!

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