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Master Vendor Monday | Blackbird Farm

I cannot believe August is here!! This year is FLYING by!! This might sound a little crazy, but the next vendor I am going to introduce you to I’ve never had the pleasure of working with- YET! Blackbird farms is an amazing wedding venue just nestled in the country side of columbus grove, Ohio. Kind of between Lima & Findlay, Ohio

We’ve got something pretty exciting planning in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled! You might be wondering why I am putting them on my vendors list when I’ve never had a wedding there?! The first time I met Deb, was at a local bridal show. Arden was just around 8 weeks old, I had just finished nursing her and wanted to introduce myself to Blackbird as I had heard SO many great things about them. I had walked down to Deb’s booth, when within probably 20 seconds of being there, Arden projectile vomited all over the floor of her booth. I was basically mortified!! Deb never batted an eye!

I did shoot an engagement session for an out of town photographer at Blackbird, it was gorgeous, it was the first experience I’ve had at Blackbird and it was what made me get the itch! So if you are a blackbird bride, Hi!!! I want to shoot your wedding! haha! 

The morning I went out to snap some photos of Blackbird, it was raining. Clearly- rain or shine- Blackbird is a GORGEOUS setting!! 

1. Who is behind Blackbird?

-This is truly a team effort. My husband John is the “Jack of all trades” around here. My daughter Nicki brings

her practicality to our operation, and then there’s the Black Bird Crew. Jamonah, Jared, Kyle, Joy, Gabe and Hannah. They are a young but mighty crew with helpful hands and hearts.

Although she did not mention herself, Deb is the mama bird of the farm. She is intentional, she is caring and making sure each Couple gets the wedding they’ve dreamed about.

2. How did you get started in this business? 

-Almost three years ago in October my daughter chose the family farm as her place to get married. The farm was always a favorite family gathering place when she was growing up, with many fond memories. After the wedding, we received many positive comments, and the rest is history. 

3. How do you think others would describe you?! 

-Authentic and helpful with a can do spirit. I think so often brides dreams are not respected. I try hard to help them realize their own unique wedding day.

4.What do you enjoy doing when you are not at Blackbird

-Travel, reading, gardening. I enjoy learning new things. Oh and birds! Love to feed the birds!

5.Whats the biggest trend you are excited about this year?

-Simplicity. Soft tones of green, gray and blue. Fewer large center pieces replaced with simple greenery garlands.

6. What’s something you haven’t seen at the farm but wish would happen!?!

-A morning wedding followed by a beautiful champagne brunch, or a reception outside under the stars.

7. What do you want potential brides to know about you and Blackbird Farm?

-The whole concept of coming to the farm for your unique wedding day was designed to take some of the stress of the day and replace it with the calm of the countryside. We truly do hope to help Black Bird Farm brides feel at home on their wedding day.

8. Can the wedding party getting ready at your Venue? 

-Getting ready at the Black Bird is part of the whole experience. We have tried to restore the farmhouse with the needs of the bride and groom and their wedding party in mind. From the bridal suit with space for you and your girls to get their hair and makeup done. The Groom and his men have a room with manly decor complete with a flat screen TV and “Clyde” the boars head!

9. How would you describe your ideal Blackbird couple?!

-The couple that embraces the authentic down to earth experience of the farm. There is truly something special about a ceremony outside with the birds chirping and the crickets singing in the back ground. Celebrating in the barn with good food, dancing and your favorite cocktail is the things memories are made of. The soul of the ideal Black Bird couple recognizes the possibilities. 

10. Some of your favorite things? (food, candy bars, cats vs. dog? Tell us more! 

-Iced Coffee, cake all kinds, hummingbirds and Dogs! Oliver and Ottis especially!

11. Is there anything else you can provide your bride with other than the space.

-Here at the Black Bird we are always collecting vintage furniture to make our venue unique. We have old buffets, farmhouse tables, miss matched farmhouse chairs and several different side tables. We offer head table vintage miss matched china service complete with silver tableware and glassware. One of our favorite things is our Bridesmaids Brunch!

12. What sets Blackbird farm apart?

-Our location is very secluded and private. Our dedication to being a truly authentic farm experience with a certain sophistication to our esthetic. Our level of service to our couples.

I know my day at the farm will come, my couple will be amazing and the blackbird team will be sure to host their dream wedding! So excited to work with these two beautiful ladies soon!