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Emma & David | St. Louis Engagement

I’ve known Emma & David for at least a year if not longer! We met through Even Chance Pitbull Rescue. They foster and I would take pictures of dogs available for adoption! I remember the first time we met, David had to carry his foster dog around because she didn’t want to walk! Ha! We’ve been together a few other times with rescue events and more photo opportunities, so I was ESTATIC when I received an email from Emma asking for wedding information!!
Emma had mentioned she would like to include, Chip, their handsome pitbull in a few pictures as well has some downtown pictures and some pictures at the place they first met! Of course I was like, yes, Yes, YES! I was so excited for their session! and I am head over heels for their images! Emma is SO gorgeous, I can’t wait to photograph her as a bride! I loved getting to hear their love story, how they met, and see where it all began!

They were SO fun to photograph! You can totally see how much David loves Emma when he looks at her, totally warms my heart! They both seemed to glow when they got to Breadsmith, a local bakery where they first met! Emma worked behind the counter and David was a manager! Total no-no right?! Don’t worry, it wasn’t until Emma no longer worked there when their love started to rise! (get it?!) Emma had her eye on David for quite some time, and believe it or not, SHE pursued him! A woman who knows what she wants! It was so neat to get inside the bakery and snap some photos! I have WAYY to many favorites from this session!

So–Take a look and enjoy Emma & David’s St Louis engagement session! I cannot WAIT to photography their wedding next April! It is going to be AMAZING!

We started our session at their beautiful home with the ever so handsome Chip!

We moved into the city and let me tell you.. AMAZING. But, this is how it started! We had to break through a few areas first! Shhhh!

Our last pitstop was at Breadsmith, where they met! Loved this part of our session!

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