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I’ve never hidden the fact that my dog Vinny has some anxiety issues, I have made countless efforts to help him. When we lived in St. Louis, one of those efforts involved working with a dog trainer. I googled her, interviewed her and preceded with training sessions. The trainer knew I was a photographer and offered me to take pictures of her for her business and then also do a session for a rescue group, in return she fulfilled our training package free of charge. She recommended to me a couple of rescue groups, and I reached out to Jessi, who jumped all over the opportunity. Jessi is the president of the group Even Chance Pitbull Rescue + Resource + Advocacy. I felt like we hit if off instantly and I fell in love with helping these dogs. There was a reason I picked that trainer- I’m a firm believer it was to meet Jessi!

Jessi is the jack of all trades. I swear by it. She has a day job, she’s a free lance graphic designer ( a phenomenal one too!) a mom to both two and four legged kids and the president of Even Chance. Other than the fact, her blood stream contains 85% starbucks, I’m still not sure how she does it all.

Jessi’s girls are beautiful, which isn’t much of a surprise once you see Jessi!  Jas is seriously on model status. She is simply gorgeous! I could take pictures of her all day. There is not enough words in the world to describe how much Ava HATES getting her pictures taken by me! She made me work. She made all of us work. Good thing she’s so cute 😉

Not only did I get to photograph Jessi’s daughters but her fur babies as well! Zeff is so handsome and full of tricks! I loved watching him pose! If only every dog was like Zeff! Then there is “minnow”- a sweet little black and white girl who Ava named! Minnow is quite possibly available for adoption, but quite possibly not. I think Jessi has struggled with the idea of letting her go, I don’t blame her. She’s pretty much perfect!

I hope you guys enjoy these pictures! and PLEASE go show Even Chance some love! You can find there Facebook page here! I feel like an EC blog post is needed. You guys need to know how awesome this group is!

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