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Cam is 2!! | Family

I can’t, but I can, believe Cam is two! It was just a few short weeks after we had Beckett that Cam was born! It still blows my mind that our boys are two, well Cam is almost two! I have loved watching Cam grow and see the similarities and differences between him and Beckett!

Cam has this light up the room smile and his giggle melts your heart! I know momma was nervous because Cam was a week bit grumpy during our session and would do just about anything to avoid my camera. I hate to break it to ya, Cam. I won! I always love getting a few pictures of mom and dad–every couple needs a few good pictures of just them! I swear by it!

I hope I get to capture Cam more as he changes and grows! Despite his ornery personality- I absolutely LOVE his pictures! It was a simple reminder that, 1. I’m not the only mom with an occasionally grumpy, fussy kiddo, and 2. It’s gonna change, one day these boys are gonna be so nonchalant, care free. We will miss them fighting us on every little thing.

So take a look at some of my favorites, soak them up! Cause for now, for this short time–this is Cam.

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