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Autumn is 1!!!

I cannot believe Autumn is 1! Already!! I have absolutely LOVED watching this little girl grow! She is a doll!! Look how much she has changed!!

She is so stinking cute, and so stinking stubborn!! I swear, Autumn gives me a run for my money, every. single. time! But I wouldn’t have it any other way! I know momma was nervous about our session for Autumn’s 1st birthday, but I think she will be excited to see how cute this session is!! Autumn-85_FB

I have loved capturing the rose family throughout their pregnancy all the way through autumn’s first year! I hope I get to capture them more!! I think i’ve said this before, but toddlers are hard. They don’t always do exactly what you want. That’s the beautiful part of it. It’s the opportunity to capture them just as they are. Even if that’s a little fussy. Because in 15 years, your gonna look back and remember their fusses and flails and your gonna laugh.


Autumn, you are so precious and it has been an absolute joy capturing you through these first few phases. I hope mommy loves these pictures as much as I do!


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