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Amanda & Brandon | Dayton Winter Wedding

It was the first wedding of 2016 and it was perfect!!! Amanda is my cousin, so it was such an honor to capture her big day! She was an absolutely beautiful bride!! It was the first time meeting Brandon and I could not be more excited. The love between them is so evident and I love knowing Amanda has married someone so great!

Despite frigid temperatures and cold winds, Saturday was beautiful! The bridal party was SO gorgeous and super fun and they all braved the cold with smiling faces!! All of the details of the day were so perfect! The dresses, the shoes (and boots!), the jewelry, and especially the picture locket and brooch that Amanda pinned to her bouquet to honor her dad. I know how proud he would have been, and I know how much he would have been in awe of Amanda’s beauty. My heart ached for her, knowing the feeling of not having one of your parents their for your wedding day, but it beamed with happiness seeing all the love and support Amanda had from both family and friends. Knowing my Uncle Glenn couldn’t be there was sad, but seeing Frank, Amanda’s step dad was so comforting! His love for Amanda was beaming and I am so grateful he was there and played such an important role during the day! 

Enjoy some of my favorites from this beautiful winter wedding!! 


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