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Brecken | Kiddos

We had originally planned to do Brecken’s pictures in March, for his birthday, but his family moved to a new city, started new jobs, and well, celebrated his handsome boy turning 1! 

I was so excited when we finally got around to his pictures! Isn’t he seriously so cute?!? I pretty much love his momma too! He’s insanely lucky to have her!  They clearly have a bond that cannot be broken, and it was so fun to capture them. He clearly takes after her, from their smiles, to nose wrinkle, to laughs and gorgeous locks. Might as well call them twins! 

It was WAYYYY to hard to narrow down for this blog post, because seriously- there are SO many good ones! 

Can’t wait for our next session, when we add dad to the mix! Hope you love this adorable momma & son, I know I do!