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A 60th Birthday Celebration | Jameson Manor

I was beyond thrilled when Shannon emailed me asking about her father’s birthday. I ‘ve met Shannon a handful of times, and she really is the sweetest! Her and her husband have been renovating a beautiful home downtown and it really is going to be a stunning venue! I know how passionate Shannon is and I knew that this was gonna be a birthday party for the books! What I didn’t realize is how much I would adore her entire family! 

I have never witnessed a more tight-knit family that has so much love for each other. It so rare. The stories and memories shared around the table were beautiful! Mr O’Neill was told he was attending a wine tasting for the recent Cabaret show, but really this birthday celebration was an intimate gathering with just their immediate family. According to Mr. O’Neill, it was perfect! 

Shannon didn’t miss a detail, seriously. It was so beautiful! A STUNNING fireplace throw made of all fresh flowers from Town & Country here in town, amazing decor, place settings and gorgeous food prepared by Alisa McPheron/Fat Cat Diner. I am so excited and thrilled to share these pictures with you all! If you have considered having a celebration of any sorts, be sure to check out the Jameson Manor!