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90 Years Young | A Birthday For The Books!

90 years, it truly is a blessing, a reason to celebrate. Marion celebrated her 90th birthday recently and there was no better way than a birthday party with all of her favorite people! 

I can’t imagine how good it felt to have a full house again. She raised 9 children with her late husband. Can you imagine the memories, trials and tribulations of raising 9 children. That alone is something to dote about! On top of her own 9 children, Marion has even more grandchildren, and then some great grandchildren. Such a beautiful thing when you get to meet the generations that come long after you. 

Family had traveled in from all over to celebrate her big day! It was so fun to see her light up at those that came. There’s not a better reason to gather family than to celebrate 90 years of life. 

I was so honored and had such a great time capturing this family gather and celebrate this gorgeous lady! Happy Birthday Marion!