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The Rose Family | Waiting on Baby

Another one of my favorite families from Missouri. My journey with this family started when Stephanie was pregnant with Autumn. Now they are awaiting baby #2. Another sweet girl to wrap Alex around her finger and another little one to play dress up with for Stephanie! 

Autumn is the real winner, someone to share clothes with, talk about boys with, have an occasional fight with, but most of all Autumn gets a best friend for life. I am so very excited for this family!! 

We met at Creve Coure Park, and had an awesome session!! Stephanie is GLOWING! In talking with her, pregnancy hasn’t been easy either time around, but seriously- it suits her! Alex is a pretty lucky guy if I do say so, he gets to spend his whole life surrounded by beautiful ladies!! BUT he also has to worry about all those boys trying to date his girls. Yikes! Maybe not so lucky 😉 

Enjoy some of my fav’s from this beautiful family!!