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Dana | Mentoring

When we lived in Missouri, Dana was the very first person I ever followed when I started my journey working for The Center For Autism. She, at one point, mentored me- showed me the ropes and gave me clues on how to survive with different kiddos. She was graceful, poised, confident, loving, encouraging and so much more as she corralled a young boy out of a singlet and into a bathroom stall so he could use the restroom and do his daily hygiene. Or as she helped a very physically unstable girl walk from desk to desk and practice what one would think to be the most simplest of tasks. 

I was in awe of her, because quite frankly, I was absolutely petrified of the things she was dealing with. I could go on and on for days about what Autism can be like, the real nitty gritty, the aggressiveness that ensued with the kiddos at this school but that’s not what this post is about. 

This post is about Dana, and how privileged I felt to return the favor. I knew when working together that Dana tip toed in photography, but never really knew her passion. Even then, I had not even thought of my own goals and dreams with it. Dana went on to pursue her degree is Special Education and continued the amazing journey of helping kiddos. But that passion, that burning desire of photography never went away. 

Dana now lives with her family, a husband and three incredibly adorable kiddos, in Oklahoma. Although she stays home with her kids and I’m sure she absolutely loves it, she wants to pursue something she has always been passionate about! We’ve messaged back and forth a few times about things and I was so honored when Dana asked if I would be interested in Mentoring her!  We some how managed to match our schedules and planned for our mentoring session. 

This girl traveled with THREE kiddos, just to gain more knowledge. She is dedicated. (I don’t even like going to the grocery store with just Beckett! Ha!) I was incredibly nervous, I had been mentored and I know the growth that took place for me and my business, I wanted to be able to do the same for Dana! 

We met at St. Louis Bread Co. (That’s what Panera is called in St. Louis, weird right?!) And spent the morning talking and eating. She asked questions, and I did my best to flood her with as much information and tools that I thought could help her business! I am SO excited to watch Dana and St. Martha’s Lens grow. I am so positive that Dana will be successful, the passion is there! If you live in, or know anyone that lives in Tulsa–Send them her way! 

Thank you Dana!! I not only loved getting to catch up with you, but to learn your fears, your passion, and excitement.  Believe me when I say, You’re gonna be great!!