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Jeremy & Erica | Family

They’re a modern day Brady bunch. Most families today are! That’s what makes them so special! I was so excited to be able to capture ALL of their family together! 

Jeremy is my cousin and he recently proposed to Erica! So excited for them both!! I’ve only met Erica a handful of times, she is seriously so sweet! Excited that she will officially be apart of our family! Both Erica & Jeremy have older kiddos that are out of the house, and then both have school aged kids! It’s perfect! Seeing Jeremy smile when he’s with Erica is the best! I couldn’t believe it as I was taking pictures of the kids, Seth & Leah look exactly like Jeremy! and Erica’s kids, Deija & Zach look so much like her! I’m actually jealous, I wish Beckett looked like me! haha! Erica’s daughter, Deija has two kiddos of her own- seriously so cute! 

This group was so awesome, it was seriously so hot. It was easily 90 degrees, with probably 100% humidity. We were all sweating, trying to hide from the sun as much as possible. SO glad they stuck it out, I have lots of favorites! Hope you love them too!