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Jena & Nick | Engaged

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am for both Jena & Nick. 

Jena & I have known each other for, gosh, YEARS. I can’t exactly remember when Jena moved to the same school as me, but we played both soccer and basketball together. After highschool and a year of college, Jena & I moved in our first apartment together in Dayton. Jena then had to spend years as my personal hair curler, makeup artist and shopping companion. STILL I wish to myself, I wish Jena was here to do my hair, or I should call Jena and make her go to Meijers with me! Ha! She is probably beyond relieved those days are over. We went through an attempted break in (which was seriously the scariest thing ever) and the long nights of taking about boys, our future, our dreams and hopes. After countless nights of those, I am so excited that her dreams are finally coming true!!

I am excited for Nick because I know how lucky he is to have Jena. She’s one that loves with her whole heart. Although I also know how SASSY she can be- but i’m sure he knows how to stay in her good graces! I’m looking forward to getting to know Nick more. Thanks Nick, for loving Jena and making her smile bigger than I’ve ever seen! 

Our engagement session was a blast! We started in downtown Lima, and let me tell you how excited Nick was. He absolutely LOVES getting his picture taken, and even more so loves to shower Jena with tons of PDA. (That last sentence was COMPLETELY sarcastic). I think Nick officially hates me because I told him to suck it up and smooch all over her. We ended at the Metropark and chased the sunset and ended with a cotton candy sky!! So gorgeous! By then, Nick was seriously a pro. No matter what he says, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be a little more excited when Jena forces him into pictures! 

So many favorites from this session!! Congratulations, Jena & Nick! I am SO excited and SO honored to be apart of your big day!!