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Amy & Trent | Married

You guys. I’ve been working on putting this blog post together all day! It’s been a wild one! I was leaving the bank, talking to Kenny on the phone, (I thought he was out paying a bill, but really he was at home!) when all of a sudden I hear him kinda moan and whine. I immediately start panicking, I totally thought he was in a car accident. I start yelling his name and he’s not answering. FINALLY he gets back on the phone, I’m frantically asking him if he is okay, if he was in an accident and he tells me he just dislocated his ankle. He finally spits out that he’s at home, and dislocated his ankle by stepping on one of Beckett’s blocks that Vinny chewed up and spit out. 

Needless to say, we spent off and on today running him around to get X-rays. But we are home now, and I am SO stinking excited to share Amy & Trent’s beautiful wedding on the blog with you all! They had a gorgeous backyard wedding at Amy’s childhood home. When I made that post about Amy being a rockstar and not only baking, decorating, and setting up her own wedding cake that was really not even giving her all the credit she deserved! I slightly feel comfortable in saying she was riding the verge of crazy with how much she did herself. Both Amy & Trent’s families came together to make sure this wedding went off without a hitch, The new Mr & Mrs. Barga are truly loved. 

The only thing out of our control was the weather, and really mother nature blessed us. It rained off an on all day, but some blue skies popped out during the ceremony and we held off for about 45 minutes until the rain cleared and grabbed some great portraits and then… AND THEN, the sun popped out and we snagged some of its gorgeous glow. 

Their wedding was full of amazing details, I was pretty much in heaven. Not only are they a gorgeous couple, but so fun to work with!! I adored pretty much everything about their wedding day! Thank you Amy & Trent for allowing me to be apart of such an exciting time in your life!! Looking forward to all the great things ahead of you!