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Jameson Manor | Open House

It wasn’t long ago that I was at the Jameson Manor, capturing a celebration of Dr. O’Neill’s birthday. The Jameson Manor was gorgeous then. I was thrilled and honored that Shannon asked me to come back and capture the grand opening! 

I have slowly had the opportunity to learn more and more about Shannon, and every time I learn something new, I adore her even more. She is not one to cut corners, and clearly puts her heart and soul into every project she is apart of. She has dreams for this city, which gives me hope. It’s people like Shannon, and others in the community that are gonna turn Lima around. 

When I walked into Jameson Manor for their Grand Opening, I was in shock, I was in absolute AWE of all that Shannon had accomplished in such a short amount of time. Gorgeous doesn’t do it justice. I’m not really sure I have good words to describe the feeling, the life, the Character that Shannon has given back to Jameson Manor.

Congratulations Shannon! Jameson Manor is a quickly going to be come one of the BEST places here in Lima. I look forward to watching its growth, and seeing what you dig your hands into next! Thank you for allowing me to be apart of something so great! I love the Jameson Manor, and of course YOU! 

Here is just a few of my favorites from the night, it really was Grand!