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Allie & Jake | Waiting on Baby

First off. HOW IS IT AUGUST!?!?! Whew- this year is seriously flyyying by! The bonus to it being August, is yet another month of amazing shoots, our FIRST family vacation (I’m so excited for this!) annnnnd we are that much closer to meeting this sweet baby!!! 

My friend is having a baby!!! I am so stinking excited for Allie & Jake to jump onto the parent train!! Allie is already making mommy-hood look beautiful!! Allie & I have been friends since I’m pretty sure like 3rd grade!! We have went through lots of different phases of life together and i’m thrilled to finally be entering this phase together too!!! 

Allie & Jake have decided to wait to find out what they are having (which has completely drove me up the wall!! I just want to know!!) So for now, its just Baby P. Loved getting to go up to Toledo and spend some time together before their session, they got to see the kids (Kenny & I were totally trying to prep them- although we may have scared them instead haha!) The weather was beautiful! We started off in the little downtown area close to where Allie works and then we were going to meet up with Kenny who took the kids to the park  but we couldn’t find him!! So we literally just pulled off the side of the road and grabbed the last of the sun before it set!! 

Bella, their first baby, joined us too! It’s not an Allie & Jake session without Bella! But she was not up for a whole lotta smiling now this time around!!  So many favorites, and so much excitement waiting for Baby P to arrive!!! So excited to meet this babe and I just love his/her parents so much!!