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Jonathan & Mackenzie | Married

Taylor University in Indiana brought them together. Friends first, in love later. Surrounded by friends & family, Jonathan and Mackenzie married on Mackenzie’s grandpas farm. 

It was a truly beautiful day, after both cold spells and heat waves, their wedding day was the perfect blend. During the ceremony I could not help but wonder how beautiful it would have been to drive by, listening to everyone sing praise to the lord. Still gives me good bumps thinking about it! 

The excitement of getting to see her groom for the first look was intense, she smiled and pretty much danced the whole time they were helping her get her dress on. It was perfect, under the willow tree’s they met, and she finally got to enjoy the warmth of his hug. Their day was about them, but much more about Jesus. I love how they celebrated him. They were the first couple I have ever photographed washing each other’s feet, it was so humbling. It was a tent full of the closest family & friends all of which played a role in their lives, but also held a very special place in their hearts. Instead of a bouquet toss, Mackenzie chose to pray over her friends whom have not yet found their one true love. It was wonderful to hear how each girl had a special relationship with her, and to hear her pray to Jesus with them was beautiful and showed just how big Mackenzie’s heart is that she would use her day to call to Jesus to bless her friends. 

It was small and simple but so beautiful, I was beyond grateful that God granted us the most beautiful sunset that we took a few minutes to snag some photos before Mackenzie & Jonathan headed off to their honeymoon! I hope they enjoyed Maine! 

Here are some of my favorites from their day!