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Nolan | Studio Newborn Session

It’s been an overwhelmingly joyful experience to watch clients experience something new, enter a new season of life. A lot of my past brides and grooms are doing just that. Expanding their families. Adding sweet new additions. Not only is it joyful to watch, but its an even bigger honor when I get to photograph those sweet new babies.

Ali & Nate had a beautiful wedding a few years back and my heart was exploding when she emailed me telling me they were expecting a handsome baby boy! They made their way from Findlay, all the way to my little studio here in Lima. I was SO excited to see them again, post wedding life has been keeping them so busy as Ali was finishing school.

Nolan was even more handsome than I could have imagined! He has the biggest, brightest eyes that just suck you in! And his LIPS, oh my gosh! They reminded me so much of Arden’s! Fat, plump little things that were almost in permanent duck form. I’m sure mama gets in plenty of smooches!

He was a wee hard to settle, and I kept telling Ali, I think he’s working something up! Boy oh  boy was I right! He pooped ALLLLLLLLLLLLL over me! haha! Nate was so thankful it wasn’t him!! I love him just the same!

I’m so stinking happy that Ali & Nate added such a sweet boy to their crew. He’s perfect in every way!! Congratulations you guys!!

Hope you enjoy a few of my favorites!


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