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Layne Cox | Premie Baby Girl

Pretty sure she’s gonna be a go-getter. Coming more than a month before her due date, but patiently waiting for mom’s competition dance recital to take place! Thankfully Layne was a healthy little peanut! I’m almost positive she is the smallest baby i’ve had in the studio, small but oh so mighty!!

She’s a lucky girl- big sister Addalynn is completely in love with her! Layne is going to have a best friend for her whole life and mama has the best helper! Thomas is gonna make sure she’s a tough cookie and was super sweet with her! Gillian and I compared stories, Addalynn & Beckett seem to be similar in character. All the while Arden and Thomas have completely given us a run for our money! I’m so excited to see how Layne’s personality turns out to be! My guess is much like her sister, with maybe a small dash of Thomas!

So thankful this family came to see me!! Enjoy some of my favorites!! Congrats to the Cox family, your newest addition is the sweetest!!

Mama brought this cute little outfit in she had made for premies, but Layne was still swimming it!

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this exact face on Thomas!

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