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Sailor | Newborn Baby Sister with Chubby Cheeks

I met Sailor’s big sister, Merritt, earlier this year when I hosted glitter mini’s! She was sweet as sugar and happy as could be!

Still young enough to not fully comprehend the magnitude of what becoming a big sister entails.

She may have been still warming up to the big sister role, but I could tell that she is gonna flourish! Sailor is a lucky girl!

Sailor was such a gorgeous babe! She had beautiful dark hair and skin tone that every single color we put her with complemented her!

Taylor looked gorgeous, radiating love for both of her girls! Garrett was beaming with pride, surrounded by three incredibly beautiful girls! They all have him wrapped around their fingers!

I can only imagine the fun that will unfold with these two girls!

Congratulations on sweet baby Sailor! She’s perfect!


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