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Master Vendor Monday Re-Cap | Whimsically Warm

I hope you were able to join us yesterday for my first LIVE Master Vendor Monday. If you weren’t, the replay should still be on my page- just scroll down a little bit, BUT you can also recap it right here!

Allanah Kerns is the owner and creative behind Whimsically Warm! She creates custom calligraphy signs/ pieces as well as stationary pieces such as invitation sets!

Check out a few of my favorite things i’ve had the opportunity to photograph of her work!


1. How did you get started in this business?
I began learning hand lettering as a hobby. I taught myself how to letter by looking at other artists’ work and picking out what I liked about their style, then imitating that in my practice. Eventually I developed my own style of writing through practice. I used my skills to make decorations for our house, and once I learned that I really liked it, I started spending more time practicing. Eventually my husband encouraged me to open an Etsy shop selling custom art for others. That was a good start to working with clients and providing good service. Nowadays I don’t do a ton of home decor aside from the occasional custom project. Whimsically Warm now provides calligraphy for weddings and events and hosts workshops! The Etsy shop is still open, but it looks a bit different now 🙂

2. How do you think others would describe you?
Allanah left this blank, so I asked our fb viewers to answer this and this is taken directly from a viewer of our FB LIVE! Allanah is Loving, talented, gifted and goofy! I couldn’t agree more!

How gorgeous are these bar menus?! Completely customizable , with super cute hand drawn accents to tie into other details of your wedding! 

3. What do you enjoy doing when you are not creating at Whimsically Warm?
I love spending time with my big family, getting coffee with friends, reading books from the library, listening to podcasts, and decorating!

4. What do you want potential brides to know about you and Whimsically Warm?
My biggest business goal is to provide a personalized experience for my brides. I work with you to bring your ideas for your big day to life! I’m always up for trying new things and I love putting our heads together and getting creative.

Another close up of this super cute, his & her drink menu!

5. Do you provide the calligraphy signage for the wedding day, or does your couple?
When it comes to wedding day details, I try to stay as flexible as possible. Every bride, every wedding, is different in what they want or need. I let my couples decide if they want to supply the signage or if they want me to do that. Some brides have a special wood piece from a tree in their childhood home and they want it made into a sign, or they found a unique vintage piece they want me to write on. Other brides want store-bought, finished pieces. I welcome either option!

You heard her talk about using different types of items, well heres just that! Magnolia Leaf name cards!!!

6. Is there anything else you can provide your couples with other than calligraphy & stationery?
I always tell my brides that I’ll write on pretty much anything! And I love when brides show me items they want to be part of their wedding day and say “Can you write on this?” I haven’t said no to anything yet! In the past I’ve written the couple’s first dance song lyrics on a table runner, made magnolia leaf place cards, pallets, mirrors, antique silver trays, and so many other unconventional things. After your wedding, some couples like to have their vows written and framed or hand lettered on a sign. Those are fun options too!

7. Tell us some of your favorite things?! (food, ice cream, tv shows, cats vs. dogs, etc!)
I have two absolute favorite things- that is dogs, and ice cream. My husband and I have a 6-year-old cattle dog named Chloe. She has a big personality but we love her 🙂 As for ice cream I’ve never had a flavor I didn’t like!
I also love to go thrift shopping and go to antique stores. My favorite is the Auglaize Antique Mall in Wapak. I like to find old art prints, illustrations, postcards, and maps. I’m a big fan of Gilmore Girls and How I Met Your Mother. I pretty much play those two series on repeat as I work everyday 🙂

ummm, all the rich blacks and gold calligraphy- yes yes yes!

Aside from being one of my favorite lay flats i’ve ever done, Allanah created something that carried both a masculine feel, but modern, rich and mature for this shoot! 

8. What sets Whimsically Warm apart from others?
I do what I do because I truly love it and I have a heart for working with people.
I don’t like the business and logistical side of small business as much, but I love calligraphy and the art and skill of my craft so much that I put up with the other stuff so I can share my skills with others! Every piece I work with is a labor of love and it flows from the heart. When I see my work hanging up in people’s homes or at their weddings it brings me so much joy! I am a Christian and I believe that God gives every person talents and abilities that are to be developed and shared to encourage others and bring Him all the glory. This is my way of doing that!

Another incredible name card!!

9. What do you think stationary & professional calligraphy would bring to a wedding?!
The best weddings are those in which the details shine. Small details like handwritten stationery bring a special touch to your wedding day. When guests see that their name was hand written on a place card or a seating chart, they know their presence at your wedding is valued and cherished!
Signage in particular plays a large functional role at your wedding. Welcome signs show guests where to enter the ceremony site. Seating charts helps your guests find their places for dinner. Guest book and gift table signs show guests where to put their gifts. Schedule or Order-of-Event signs let guests know what to expect for the evening. These are all important logistical things for any event, especially for weddings. Function and practicality paired with beautiful hand-written calligraphy is a win-win!

Allanah talked about providing peices for your day that serve a purpose! This bourbon & cigar sign was perfect to designate a place for all the guys to grab a drink!

10. What are the biggest trends in your field, or what is something you would like to see the wedding industry start?
Acrylic signage is huge right now. Acrylic is clean and modern looking, plus completely customizable and pretty affordable. I’m loving the acrylic trend! Non-traditional place cards are also becoming a big thing right now. Couples are choosing to use items that tie into their wedding theme – things like magnolia leaves, sea glass, driftwood, marble tiles, etc.
I would love to see fabric accents become a new wedding trend! I’m thinking fabric ceremony backdrops, table runners, placemats for the dinner table, etc. Of course, all of this fabric would be covered in a beautiful script 😉

This table runner could hold the lyrics of your first song, decorates your sweetheart table and then is the perfect decor to add to your first home!

11. What’s a dream you have, personally & in business?
I have always wanted to write a book! Whether it will pertain to calligraphy, faith, family, or anything else I’m not sure, but I would love the chance to do that one day. As far as business goes, It’s my dream to open my own brick-and-mortar shop. I envision having the cutest gift shop full of hand-lettered goodies and work from other local artists, plus a flex space where we can host workshops and teach others about hand lettering. And maybe a little coffee bar for some added fun!


Thanks so much for joining! Contact Allanah here:


Instagram: @whimsicallywarm



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