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Mr. & Mrs. Magas | A Columbus Ohio Wedding at Station 67 and Watersedge

It’s not very often I book Sunday weddings.

But i’m starting to be convinced that Sunday is when best weddings happen.

I met Hannah and Daniel for the first time at a little pizza joint half way between Lima and Columbus. We met in Columbus for their engagement session and explored parts of the city which included Campus since Thee Ohio State played such a big part of their story.

Wedding day was here, the weather was a touch warm, but really beautiful in comparison to the 90 degree days we have been enduring during this early fall season. The girls looked amazing in their maroon dresses, although nothing could top Hannah in her La Jeune Mariee dress! Hannah surrounded herself by the best of her friends and they truly were there to help make her day her dream. As the girls were headed inside after taking a few photos of them in their robes I could here them say, “lets surround her (Hannah) so Daniel can’t see her!” Another Agreed “Yes! My jaw dropped when I saw her bouquet from Bloomtastic in Columbus! It was GORGEOUS! The big flowers were such a statement!

It’s pretty standard to take the bridal party out separately to get photos of the individual groups before the wedding, I started with the girls and when I finished I went in to get the guys.

We headed back to the same spot only to be met with what I am sure was a senior girl doing her senior photos. She was in a purple leotard that almost blended right in with the wedding party. We moved down a short ways as to not disrupt their photos and we were all quite impressed with her skills. I don’t think i’ll ever fully understand how ballerinas can go up on their toes like that! The girl and her photographer headed off and we moved back to my original spot and within seconds, Daniel was attempting his best ballerina moves! We were all laughing. He, although impressive, not quite as eloquent as the true ballerina!

Station 67 provided a unique and beautiful space where Hannah met Daniel at the alter after a grand entrance down the stair case. There ceremony was intimate and personal. Hannah’s mother spoke beautiful words written by her late grandfather who no doubt was present. A few tears followed by lots of laughs as the first indication that the “Just Friends” were not longer going to be “Just friends” took place!”  We headed to Watersedge for the reception, it was my first time there! So beautiful, Tons of windows, another super unique space with a magnificent fireplace that divided the seating area with the dance floor!

I laughed so much throughout the day with these two. They are fun loving and can’t look at each other without laughing, and Hannah has the best laugh! I learned that Hannah and Daniel’s relationship was built on a long standing friendship. One that most everyone knew, or thought would be more. It wasn’t until their friendship was faced with the realization that they would be on separate sides of the country as Daniel was moving to Arizona for school that they decided it was time to realize this friendship was more than “Just Friends”.

They are incredibly loved by all the people in the room that day, a room full of people who knew how perfect they were for each other. How fun they are together, how supportive they are of each other. There is no doubt in my mind they will finish every race they run, together. I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to photograph their day and see the love that filled it.

Despite being a Sunday wedding, this party crew kept the dance floor going throughout the night, but I’m gonna be super honest, Hannah’s Grandpa was the first one and his moves were killer! I was so excited to be able to see a formal SCP couple, Elaine & Jerry! I loved catching up with them and being reminded why I love what I do. Elaine and Jerry, now Hannah and Daniel are the reason I love this job of mine. My couples the absolute BEST there is!


Thanks so much Daniel & Hannah for letting me witness more of your love, your laughter and the long awaited, long denied, and perfect wedding!! Congratulations you two!!


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