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Sara & Dustin | An Indiana Dunes National Park Engagement

When Sara first inquired I was so excited to learn her venue was one I have previously shot at, years ago, but also that I had previously photographed Dustin as he performed at the ceremony for one of my previous wedding couples!

I knew Sara was amazing, because well- she spells her name without and H. That’s how all the cool kids do!

Sara & Dustin both live near Chicago, in medical school. I couldn’t wait to meet them! I was so excited when Sara said they were considering doing their engagement session either in Chicago or at the Indiana Dunes National Park where they got engaged! I LOVE it when my couples choose places that are near and dear to them!!

We decided to meet near a local park and head onto some trails before heading over to the dunes. You had to travel through a small little town to get there. The town itself was pretty run down, but you could tell it has SO much potential and had previously been a very touristy and busy town. This town may have looked a little rough, but it was surrounded by the most beautiful lush green park!

Dustin and Sara couldn’t look at each other without lighting up! Have I told you how much love makes me happy? Every time Dustin kissed her, it was like there was so much excitement and emphasis behind it! Thats how love should be! As I tucked them into this little off the path patch, all of a sudden I noticed two deer, a doe and a fawn making their way down the hill in the distance. It was incredible, how they just went strolling on by! We watched for a few moments and then headed over towards the beach!

As we were driving over, big, dark clouds started rolling in and a few sprinkles were hitting my windshield. I’m not going to lie, I was stressing! The dunes are about 3 hours from me so there wasn’t really a great time to reschedule with them being in school and a little ways away from the dunes themselves!

The sprinkles subsided and I was in awe of how gorgeous this area was!! These two braved the chilly water and windy weather for what has become one of my favorite sessions! I fell in love with beach sessions thanks to these two!

We were headed back to the car when Dustin had one small request, a few pictures in his beloved browns gear. How could I say no?! We parted ways, Sara fed me a delicious home made cookie- not sure if she knew that cookies are my jam- but it made for a good start to a long drive back!! I called Kenny as soon as I left to tell him how fun they were, how gorgeous this area was and how we should definitely take the kids for a weekend trip!!

I can’t wait for these two to say I do! So glad I get to document your love!


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