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Arden’s First Haircut

I’m so terrible at editing and sharing photos of my kids or things happening in our lives. It’s a personal goal to do more of that in 2020.

I took Arden to get her first hair cut back in November and have yet to share anything from it. It was something that I was both excited , sad and nervous about. She has a hard time sitting still, and so asking her to not move during her haircut was stressing me to the max!

Thankfully she has been with Beckett and I when we go to the barber and so I think having her see Beckett do it time and time again helped! She got a little nervous at first and tried to lay down in the chair, Gabrielle did a good job comforting her.

That transition from baby to big girl brought me to tears, even though we didn’t cut a lot off. She kinda had a mullet so trying to even it out was much needed!! She did SO stinking good! I was blown away at how well she sat for Gabrielle! I was so thankful to have my sweet friend cut her hair for the first time-made it so much sweeter!

Arden was excited to get a sucker and to play with the train station when she was finished! So proud of my girl!

We are gearing up for our second hair cut so fingers crossed she is just as good!

Thanks Gabrielle for giving my baby her first haircut!

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