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Remy | Newborn

Welp, Sterling is officially off the hook as most stubborn baby! Remy takes the cake! This handsome boy had ZERO intentions of going to sleep. But I did manage to get about 10 minutes outta him! So Ha! I win Remy 🙂
On a more serious note— How GORGEOUS is this boy! He had the creamiest of skins! amazing hair and the prettiest eyes! For him being awake for most of the 2 hours they were here, I have a ton of favorites from this session! It was a challenge that forced me to work out of my comfort zone, be creative and still get great shots! I’m extremely happy with how these turned out!! So excited to share these images with you all! Sweet Remy, I hope to see you again soon!! <3 Congratulations Courtney!! He is so perfect!!

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