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My session with my cousin Brittany’s family was awesome! It started out with lots of “whips and nae nae’s” and ended with Garrett attempting to be spider man–in a white shirt. Such a boy! I honestly don’t even know what I loved more, seeing how connected they were as a family or seeing how IN LOVE Josh and Brittany are!
We couldn’t have asked for a better night! We some how managed to get a break from all the rain to shoot, I was so thankful! Brittany and I both have crazy schedules so I was worried that finding another time was going to be a challenge! No Need! Kennedy pretty much rocked the entire session! She is such a ham for the camera! Made my job so easy! Josh was awesome too!  -considering he started out saying- I’m just here cause I have to be! I’d like to think he enjoyed it! Either way- I love getting to catch up with family, even if its at a session!!

Enjoy this fun, goofy, beautiful family!! I love this session!

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