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Master Vendor Monday | Makeup By Ashley

 Put your makeup brushes down ladies, this next vendor is here to beautify you on your wedding day! Meet Ashley, owner and artist behind Makeup by Ashley! 

I was so blessed to have this gorgeous lady do my make up for my very own wedding and I couldn’t of been happier, I honestly have never felt prettier! From a photography stand point, having your makeup done can do wonders for any session, not only does it help your skin to look smooth and flawless– i’ve found it to give my clients a boost of confidence! (Sometimes they don’t even realize it!)

1. How did you get started in this business?

-I have always had a passion for make up. My mother introduced me to make up and was really good at it! I started doing it for fun because I had always done everyone’s make up all of my friends through college and high school. I started looking into it and went to some make up classes in New York. I never dreamed I would be as busy as I am because I truly feel it is fun and not a “job”.

2. How do you think others would describe you?!

-I think others would describe me as I fun, creative and outgoing!

3. Whats the biggest trend you are excited about this year?

-I am definitely not a fan of make up trends because I feel it dates the photos…but I do love that eyebrows are becoming more popular. They really frame the face and people used to be resistant to letting me fill in their eyebrows a little bit. Now that brows are trending they are willing to try it! I always tell my ladies let me do one and tell me what you think. They can’t believe the difference it makes!

4. What do you do for people with sensitive skin?

The make up I use is great for people with sensitive skin! I have never had a problem but I keep my brushes very clean and also offer trials if ladies have a sensitivity issue.

5. Do brides get a trial makeup run?

I do offer trials! Anyone in the bridal party is welcome to have a trial for a reduced cost of $25.

**** I totally recommend brides do their trial run the day of their engagement session! ****

6. Do you offer airbrush makeup?

-I only offer airbrush makeup because it feels light weight on the face, has great coverage and is extremely long wearing. It is sprayed in a micro finest so it really has a beautiful finish that you cannot get with traditional make up!

7. Why should brides hire a professional vs. doing it themselves?

-I would say always hire a professional unless you are the expert in that area. This is your wedding day and you only do it once. Professionals do this routinely so they know what works best or in my case what looks best on you!

8. What do you enjoy doing when you are not doing makeup?

I love spending time with my 2 daughters and shopping!

9. Do you travel on location? Provide makeup for bridesmaids/family as well as bride?

I travel to wherever the bridal party is getting ready. When I started I felt like that would be the easiest for the bride. The last thing you need is one more place to go on your big day! It doesn’t matter how early you start or how much extra time you think you have you a day goes by so fast! I wanted to make it extremely convenient for the bride and bridal party. The bride is obviously the focus but I offer make up for the entire bridal party, any guests, or mothers that want their make up done too and I ALWAYS do the flower girl for free!


10. What are some of your favorite things? Tell us more?! 

My favorite things are anything chocolate! I love dove chocolate covered almonds. I don’t have any pets but I did grow up doing 4H with goats! I am one of seven children. My family is my greatest blessing and I love that God gave us all talents! I see that in my siblings. I have sisters that are awesome at hair and nails and putting outfits together! We are a great team!

11. Why do you think Makeup is a must for the wedding day?

-I I think make up is a must for our wedding day because it completes your look! If there is ever a day you want to look your best and feel your best that is the day. It’s amazing to me how good the airbrush looks on the skin. I am a fan of natural looking make up so I love for a bride to look timeless!
My expert advice from doing makeup for all these years is always go for the lashes! They look extremely natural but really pop on your eyes. Also If you eat before the wedding most brides order Subway but don’t get the onions! They stink up the entire house and you cannot get them off of your breath LOL
Enjoy your day but remember it’s about the marriage and just enjoy the process.


There is no better way to feel beautiful on your wedding day than being pampered by Ashley! She is incredibly sweet and insanely talented!! Ready to snag her up for your day?! 


Phone: 419.302.5205 

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