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Canaan | Newborn

This blog is so late, but life has been crazy since our trip and so I figured better late than never! 

This sweet boy, let me tell you- no one thought he was possible. No one. His momma inquired and we emailed back and forth, tried to set up a time to chat and it seemed like weeks, maybe months went by before we actually were able to chat. 

She told me about herself, some of her health issues, a lifetime battle of autoimmune diseases. They tried to have children, hormones weren’t even helping her to ovulate, She was told she would never have children. Katie became extremely sick, doctors were unsure what was going on, she had rashes, bruises all over her body. The results from her blood test were all off the charts, two negative pregnancy tests (just before finding out she was pregnant). They told Katie that she could have a multitude of different cancers- non of which were true. They were praying for answers and received the most amazing answer to their prayers. Katie was in fact 11 weeks pregnant with non other than a miracle baby. They found out that Katie is allergic to her own progesterone, which commonly causes miscarriages around 10 weeks. And here they were already passed that point.  All the medications she took to get pregnant were in fact making her sick. Her doctors didn’t think that Katie would be able to carry a baby full term, yet they both remained healthy throughout the entire pregnancy. 

God is so good! Canaan’s story is such a testament of God’s love and trust in his plan. I couldn’t believe all that Katie was telling me, my mouth hung open our entire conversation! I couldn’t wait to meet her and her sweet miracle baby!

Canaan, you are so sweet, so handsome and so loved!! I am so stinking happy that I get to watch you grow up, God obviously has big plans for you!  

Here are a few of my favorites of this little miracle man! 

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