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Mr. & Mrs. Denisco | A Waterside Wedding in Ada Ohio

It was a gorgeous day, it felt like fall! The air was crisp but the sun was warm! It was perfect for their waterside wedding! I love the hustle and bustle of a wedding day, Mackenzie’s mom was arranging flowers, her bridesmaids were finishing last minute details. The work that goes into making each and every wedding is overwhelming- not only by all the vendors but by the family and friends of the bride and groom!

Mackenzie was originally having a custom dress made, but went for her last fitting and ended up not loving it, so she went dress hunting TWO weeks before her big day! The perfect dress was found and seriously, it looked like it was made for her!

It was a day filled with love, and a little heart ache. Mackenzie’s best friend was not able to be there physically but no doubt was there in spirit. The next best thing filled her shoes, her daughter Maddie. I could see it all day that Mackenzie & Maddie share the most special of bonds. As photos of Mackenzie & Jordan’s friendship/sisterhood played over a tv, Mackenzie dance with Maddie. I know that years from now, when it’s Maddie’s turn to say I do, Mackenzie will no doubt play just as big a role in her big day!

I loved seeing the playfulness between John & Mackenzie, he definitely knows how to make her laugh! They have the best of friends that bring out both of their goofy sides!! I can’t tell you how much I loved photographing Mackenzie & John’s wedding!! Enjoy some of my favorites!!

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