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Hannah & Daniel | Park of Roses & Ohio State Campus Engagement

I’ve been working from my laptop today, spent a lot of my morning at my grandmas nursing home and now were are sitting here at her heart doctor appointment. I thought it would be a great time to bust out a blog post!

We first met half way from Lima to Columbus late one evening! Gosh we chatted about everything, I got to hear about Sophie and their running expeditions and so much more! I am SO thrilled to get to shoot their wedding next year! It’s gonna be awesome! We met at the Park of Roses and let me tell you, it was SO BUSY! I couldn’t believe it! The weather was FREEZING but apparently there was a pokemon tournament and freezing weather wasn’t stopping anyone!!

I know i’ve already mentioned this, but I love it when couples bring their dogs! I’m a dog lover and why not include a big part of your family in your photos?!? Well Daniel and Hannah took it up a notch by putting her in a CHRISTMAS SWEATER! I about died! If i’m being honest, Sophie stole the show, from the complements on her sweater to people petrified of her bark! She definitely brought us all lots of laughs!

We left the Park of Roses, headed to their house so they could drop the pup off and change clothes! We made our way down to Ohio States Campus and every time i’m blown away by its beauty! I attended Ohio State, but their Branch campus in my home town- their is no comparison! We headed up to one spot and out of the corner of my eye I saw this GORGEOUS glow, so we rushed down and caught sliver of golden sun between the buildings! We found some stinky trees and they (without hestiation) laid down in the leaves! Before we knew it, we lost almost all of the sunlight and were working with the lights around campus! Love having small little challenges and even more so when I love the results!

Enjoy some of my favorites! Hannah & Daniel- you guys were SO fun, I can’t wait to celebrate with you next year!




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