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Mr. & Mrs. Jackson | A Winter Wedding at The Buckeye Barn in Piqua, Ohio

It was a gorgeous, winter day. Incredibly cold, but it could have been negative 50 and nothing was gonna stop Emilee & Evan from having the wedding of their dreams. It was my first wedding at The Buckeye Barn! It was so fitting for Emilee & Evan, the perfect venue!

Emilee was such a stunning bride, her hair (Of course) was top notch and she looked just flawless! She was surrounded by so much love, from her mama, to her sweet sisters and all her best girl friends. You see, this wedding was missing someone so very important. You could feel his presence throughout the entire day. And you could see it all over Emilee’s face that she was determined to not let sadness consume her. I’m so proud of her. It’s a hard thing to not get swept up and run-rolled by your emotions on a day like this. Emilee, Your dad was no doubt in awe of your beauty. All his best qualities shine through you and your sisters. Emilee had so many details that represented her dad, I loved it. From beautiful jewelry that mom had picked out from her and her late husband, to a blue heart sewn from his shirt into her dress, photos on her bouquet- to a seat saved right in front of the ceremony with his photo and boutonniere. She followed in his foot steps with white cowboy boots which is what Emilee’s dad worn to his wedding to her mom. He was there in so many ways!

Her friends kept her laughing, hiding beers in their scarves to help keep warm haha! And Evan admitted to being so nervous. Emilee reminded me about how sick Evan was at their engagement session, almost puking, sick. He worked through it and his nerves almost got the best of him again- but knowing that soon enough he would be face to face with the love of his life, and encouragement from his friends- he once again fought all the nerves.

Their ceremony was short, I think it easily took second place in shortest wedding ceremony i’ve ever photographed! Everyone braved the cold, and let me tell you— it was SO SO COLD!! We got some beautiful portraits & headed back inside to start the party! The toast will no doubt be something I never forget. Two of Emilee’s three sisters talked about all her great qualities, all of Evans great qualities and how strong their relationship truly is. Evan and Emilee started dating and a short time after, Emilee’s dad got sick. Like her sister said, Even though he could have- Evan didn’t run, he stood by Emilee. Patiently, kindly, lovingly helped Emilee go through the hardest thing in her life. She’s blessed to have him, and he’s equally blessed to have her. Just after two of Emilee’s sisters gave a heartfelt, tear jerking toast-her other sister had us all crying from insane laughter. She tapped into her inner gangster/karaoke queen and rapped/ sang the most amazing verses with a whole new set of lyrics specifically for Emilee & Evan! It was perfection!

The night only got better as Emilee headed into the bouquet toss. Her sister Alex, unknowingly was awaiting the opportunity to “be the next in line!” Little did she know, that next in line was right then. Instead of tossing the bouquet in the air, Emilee turned and walked it over and handed it to Alex. Seconds later, her boyfriend walked to her on the dance floor, dropped to one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. Her face said it all! SHOCKED! They were group hugged by all their family and friends!

Everyone spent the rest of the night dancing on the dance floor, celebrating Emilee & Evan and all the years ahead!!! I am so honored I got to photograph your big day, hope you guys are LOVING Hawaii!! Enjoy some of my favorites!

  1. Vicky Webb says:

    The lettering is to light for mr. The intro shows well but the rest is hard to tead. The photographs are spectacular. Creativity and imagination shine through. Job well done.

    • Sara Marsh says:

      Hi Vicky! I’ve since updated my site & blog, I hope you find it much easier to read! Thank you for your kind words!

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