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Beckett David | Kindergarten here he comes!

My sweet boy is officially at his second day of Kindergarten. It shouldn’t feel different because he’s been in preschool already but it does. It feels so different.

It could be because I’ve seen so many changes. I don’t see a baby anymore. He doesn’t act like a baby anymore. So I’ve spent all the last few days searching for his newborn photos. Like a crappy mom, didn’t even back up my own photos. Good news, I found them, and they are currently backing up on my hard drive.

Beckett wasn’t planned. Yet, somehow he managed to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Being a mother was something I dreamed and prayed about, but I was wasn’t ready for motherhood when Beck was born. It was a shock to my system, a shock I never even knew I needed.

He changed me, he changed my dreams, my goals and my view on life. He was this itty bitty teeny tiny 6lb baby. He won my heart. He’s always been silly, this blonde haired babe. He’s been making me laugh for almost 6 years. He is smart and has a crazy imagination and memory. He’s growing into dad’s “bro”- as much as it annoys me that Beck takes his dads side on pretty much everything- I love seeing them together. Beck spent the entire day yesterday doing yard work with Kenny- free willing. I’m sure that will change as he gets older.

He loves hanging with his friends, playing sports and having fun with his sister. Truly he so good to her. She doesn’t even fully comprehend. He is already always looking out for her, helping her even if she doesn’t need or want his help. Beckett gets Arden laughing more than anyone can.

Although school isn’t Beckett’s favorite he was excited to ride the bus, excited to be with his friends. I cried a lot on Friday. How can he be so big, so grown up!?

He made it to school, I could tell he got nervous, started putting his fingers in his mouth, biting his nails- but off he went! Ran off the bus, with a big big smile on his face! He had a good day!

I can’t wait to hear all about his second day, and every day going forward. I’m so proud of the boy he has become and can’t wait to watch him flourish.


I love you, Beckett!!! You have a heart of gold, so stinking blessed to be your mom!

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