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Allie & ANDREW | A Shawnee Country Club Family Engagement

Although Allie & ANDREW technically are married, this is still their session to celebrate their up and coming vowel renewal. Engagement, pre-renewal session, it’s all the same right?!?

When it came to planning her dream wedding, Allie ran into a few hick-ups here and there and dates had to change. But all along she kept that vision, held on to her dream that a celebration with all their favorite people was what her heart wanted and their love deserved! Here we are-just a few short months away from a winter wonderland wedding. After chatting about her big day I’ve learned that this wedding is for sure going to keep me on my toes and with no shortage of laughter.

I finally got to meet their insanely adorable daughter Savannah and also got to meet ANDREW. Who I admittedly called Anthony for the LONGEST time. I’m still quite mortified. I don’t know why- but my brain was convinced his name was Anthony. I ran into ANDREW and Savannah at the fair and did my best to apologize. So if you are wondering why ANDREW is in all capital letters throughout this blog- it’s so he knows I’m remembering his name.

We met at the country club and did our best to avoid all the golfers. Savannah and their sweet pup rode like a champ all while I held on for life on the back! Clearly this crew is familiar with the course! It was the cutest watching Savannah walk the dog with it’s leash! We dropped sweet Savannah & their dog off to Allie’s mom and headed back out for a few quick portraits of the two of them!

I can’t wait to watch Allie & ANDREW have the wedding they have been dreaming about!!


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