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Mr. & Mrs. Littlejohn | A Rainy Day Blackbird Farm Wedding

I don’t know of any couples that go into their wedding day hoping for rain, but sometimes- thats what you get. Myself included! It wasn’t until I experienced it myself did I realize that although- having warm sunny weather on your wedding day would be nice, it doesn’t prevent you from having an incredibly beautiful day.

An incredibly beautiful wedding was exactly what Tara & Robert had, rain and all. Believe it or not the Littlejohn wedding was my first wedding at Blackbird Farm! I can’t wait to get back there!

I learned so much about Tara and Robert and loved seeing all the unique and personalized features of their day. I learned Tara and Robert are breakfast people- and its always gonna be bacon for Tara. She said Robert would much rather sausage. I’m with Tara, bacon over everything. How cute was her getting ready shirt?!

Her vintage jewelry, and hair piece were one of a kind and fit in perfectly with the feel of blackbird farm. Tara shared the sweetest first look with her grandma that gave me all the feels!

So thankful that blackbird has a beautiful farm house that made rainy day portraits SO much easier! After Tara shared a first look with her grandma, she shared one with Robert and so proudly showed him what she was wearing under her dress. Pants. ha! Cold enough and no one could see, so why not?!

With their closest friends they made the umbrella covered walk to the beautiful barn where they said I do in front of family and friends that traveled from all over.

It was a consistent, pretty steady rain for pretty much the entire day, the light wind forced the rain to blow sideways to which Tara & Robert said, “oh well.” They braved the cold blowing wind and I’m so glad they did!

They gave blankets as favors, which were perfect for the cold wet weather. They had a polaroid book that was to be decorated from their guests, but of course first photos were from their pets! Obviously you want family and friends to dance till their knees ache- but in their down time, they had a table filled with card and board games. They are big game players and I said to my second Lindsey, I wish I would have thought of this for our wedding!! We LOVE games! Such a fun way to make sure everyone is having a good time!

They brought the games but also brought all the competitive that runs through the Littlejohn family. Musical Chairs- Easily the most competitive version i’ve ever witnessed. I had so much fun with this crew!!

Congratulations Tara & Robert!!



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