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Mr & Mrs. Rollins | A Charcoal Gray & Burgundy Modern Wedding

I’m so excited to be sharing Cody & Abby’s gorgeous wedding with you! These two have gracefully made their way through this pandemic, rescheduling their original wedding date to August. They each gracefully understood when both their maid of honor and best man could no partake in their celebration.

Covid or no Covid, I always tell my couples to remember that no matter what happens- as long as they end up married the day was perfect! Abby & Cody very much took that mindset. Nothing was going to stop them from saying I do!!

As I gathered up Abby’s details I was so excited that she brought a few extras for me to include and included some extra florals in her order so I could use them for styling!! **Brides take note, fresh flowers add a whole other level of gorgeous to your detail styling! Guessing what the dress will look like is just something I love doing, not sure of any other photographers do that- but I do! Her dress was not what I was expecting her to have, but at the same time made perfect sense! It was delicate, flowy, understated & elegant. Cody & the guys looked so sharp in their charcoal gray suits! And these guys brought their A game! Had the groom’s suite cleaned up before I could turn around twice!!

The girls and I headed out to snap a few of them in their adorable robes and I fell in love with Abby’s bridal robe! Just like her dress, delicate but packed a lot of wow! After the girls changed we brought dad in for a quick peek at his girl! He could barely get words out. He was equally blown away by his gorgeous wife!

We tucked Abby away to surprise her bride’s maids with a first look, but little did she know the surprise was for her! Like I had mentioned earlier, Abby’s maid of honor Elise lives in Australia and could no longer attend with all the restrictions. Despite it being 4am her time, Elise was awake and ready to see her gorgeous friend all dressed up and ready to go! All the girls, Elise included, closed their eyes as Abby emerged from being tucked away. It felt like an eternity before Abby realized that Elise had joined. Although in reality it was probably just seconds. All the girls opened their eyes to be blown away by Abby’s beauty. I’m not sure if there was a dry eye in the room, a bittersweet moment with a friend who is so far yet right there. Abby ordered only happy tears, no sad tears! I think that was her mantra, No crying- its a happy day! I was so happy to have witnessed this moment between Abby and her girls!

Just as we headed out for portraits it started to rain so we moved a couch around and took some gorgeous portraits inside! Love these so much!! As soon as the rain stopped we got ready for the first look! This may be my new favorite first look! Who says the guys have to be at the end of the path ready and waiting?! Not us! Cody snuck in to love on his beautiful bride before they took a step back to really take each other in!

The joy and excitement these two carried about marrying each other was enough to clear the rain clouds just in time to move their ceremony outdoors.The sunshine was warming to the skin. I was so happy these two could commit to each other under the big beautiful oak tree. The day’s forecast was a mess. Rain would be on the radar then off then back on. Two people’s radars would show different things at the same time. It was wild. They were faithful it would work. And he provided.

God has played such a huge role in Abby & Cody’s relationship. I heard Abby’s pastor say he remember Abby talking to him about finding her husband and a short time later Cody entered her life. I don’t know Abby super well, but I do know she has a big heart of gold. That even before their marriage God gave them trials to overcome. They continued to seek him and he continued to provide. Their vow’s were a not just vows to each other, but vows to keep God at the forefront of their marriage. They shared in communion together and prayed with each other. As that happened The thunder began to rumble overhead.  They never flinched, they remained focused on him, smiles still stretched ear to ear. They sealed with a kiss and just minutes later it began to rain.

And by rain I mean a monsoon moved in and camped for the rest of the evening.  A few more portraits indoors and these two got to celebrating with family & friends. They arranged a cookie bar & coffee bar by my favorite coffee place! Her reception details were incredible! A beautiful menu that had each guests name on them! Both tall and short centerpieces made an already beautiful venue that much more grand!  Every detail was well thought out! I’ve had more and more sweet heart tables at weddings and I am LOVING them! The tall candelabras and beautiful flowers that adorn Abby & Cody’s table were jaw dropping!!

After dinner Abby & Cody moved to cut their cake and what the whole room thought was going to be a sweet exchange of a yummy dessert, was a surprising face full of cake! The whole room gasped!  Abby took it like a champ, fixed her makeup and was back ready to keep the celebration going!! The toasts were followed by a surprise video from Ryan, Cody’s brother and the best man who was unable to attend and their sweet nephews! They were most certainly missed by so many. It was fun to see Abby let loose and dance with the girls and these love birds whisk off into the night under a stream of sparklers!

Mr & Mrs. Rollins, Thank you SO MUCH for letting me witness your love for each other, your family & friends and most importantly God. Wishing you a lifetime to love, happiness and lots of laughter!!

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