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Emily & Christian | A Navy and Dusty Blue Wedding At Crimson Lane

The last time I had seen Emily & Christian was a chilly, snow covered morning- it seems like ages ago. I was so excited to pull up and see the sunflowers in bloom and the sun shining at Crimson Lane!

I walked into the bridal suite and was greeting with a beaming smile across Emily’s face! It remained there for the entire length of their wedding day. I can only imagine how much her cheeks hurt the next day!

From what i’ve learned about Emily, she grew up in a family only mildly obsessed with Disney. She grew up dreaming of a fairy tale wedding, her prince charming and every bit of a happily ever after!

Now Enter Christian, a boy from Utah doing door to door selling for a short time. The way they met is still a major secret, not a single person has yet to spill. Eventually Christian headed back to Utah where they stayed connected despite the long distance.

I don’t think it took long for Emily to realize she had found her prince charming, The one whom she wanted to live Happily Ever After with. Her adventure partner, her best friend. Christian realized after leaving Emily here in Ohio he needed to get back to her- he made the move and their love story began to take form.

Travel is something they both love and share and their bucket list is long and nothing short of amazing! I can’t wait to see their travel pictures!

Emily looked just like a princess, Christian filled the prince charming roll quite well! Emily’s dress was so simple, it fit perfectly and had a beautiful belt to give it a little flair. The guys wore navy suits with dusty blue ties that accented all the girls dusty blue dresses. Blue on blue and I was all far it!

Loved is what these two are, and although I know not everyone could be there (You still suck, covid!) these two were surrounded by so much love!

Their first looks will be one i’ll never forget. Christian had this stern look on his face and I thought to myself, “come on- crack a smile- its your wedding day” But I quickly realized that that stern look was holding back a whole lotta tears and he hadn’t even seen her yet!! The joy and thought that he was finally marrying his best friend was almost too much to bare.

These two, when I say best friends I mean it! I’m not sure how long they spent apart before their big day- but you would have thought it to be weeks! I felt awful giving them directions, I really wanted to let them chat the whole day away!! Their love was obvious and contagious. Their marriage rooted in friendship.

Emily is the queen of DIY and let me tell you, she is good at it!! She didn’t miss a single detail! Coloring books and crayons for the kids, hand sani for her guest, fans for the ceremony because wheeewweeeee- their was not a cloud in the sky and the sun was HOT!

Emily made sure to get out on the dance floor, but it was really her grandfather that stole the floor! Thank you Emily & Christian for such a beautiful day!! Wishing you both a lifetime of fun travels and a never ending fairytale!

  1. Grandma Linda says:

    Awesome job Sara you made a perfect day even more perfect capturing those special moments! Thank you for helping make, our very first granddaughter to get married, a priceless princess day for her. Emily and Christian were blessed to have you capture their perfect day!❤️

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