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Mr. & Mrs. Harbold | A Dusty Blue and Gray September Wedding in Delphos, Ohio

There is always a little more pressure on wedding days when there is a personal connection, at least for me anyways! Melanie’s mom works with my husband so I’ve got fingers crossed that both mom and Melanie love these as much as I do! Even though Melanie lives a little ways a way, I’d keep up with how planning was going, how she was handling Covid stress when I’d stop into the office and chat with her mom. I loved being able to be excited as both Peg and I counted down the days!

I met David and the guys at the hotel where he was getting ready. There was an excitement in the air! Thankfully David finally figured out how to tie his tie or I don’t think he would have ever made it to the church haha! He was full of confidence and pep. I loved his two tone suit, darker jacket, lighter vest. The Groomsmen wore light gray suits and it was an amazing combo. Allowed David to stand out and the light gray complimented the girls dusty blue dresses so well!

Thankfully the church was just a short drive away and I got started with Melanie’s details, her dress was so beautiful!! It was so tiny against the grand doors of the church! It fit her petite figure so perfectly! The girls were all so gorgeous in their dresses which were all different in style! I loved the way that Melanie’s dress buttoned in the mid-back, I don’t think I’ve photographed anything like it!

As I photographed the guys outside David’s nerves began to set in and he said he was getting nervous to go inside. They wanted to read letters to each other. We backed them up against the door so they could reach their letters from one another! I can only imagine how that must feel, to know the love of your life is just on the other side but you can’t look!?! I don’t think I could do it!

A beautiful ceremony in a beautiful church. Vows before family & friends. Vows in God’s house. There is always such a peace about church weddings- I can’t describe it! The sun filled the church with warmth. I’m sure Melanie will be glad to know that David most definitely teared up as she walked down towards him! I always love watching couples during Church weddings. Couples sit and listen to all the praise and prayers being sung. Unable to talk but their glances towards each other speak loud.

After the Ceremony they were greeted with the CUTEST get-a-way boat! Knowing he made the catch of a lifetime, David happily rode with his new wife, a short distance. (You know, wind & beautiful hair don’t always mix!) We headed to a little park to have some fun, get some beautiful portraits and make our way to the party! David spent a portion trying to make me have a heart attack bouncing on this VERY wobbly bridge. But it made for beautiful portraits and was the only thing between us and some beautiful rocks across the way! As they headed back to the bus, they demanded their playlist start back from the top since the bridal party played all the good songs while we were taking pictures haha! There was no complaints there! Such a fun group of friends!

Joyous Occasions always does such an incredible job and the large design behind the couple was such an incredible backdrop and tied in with their centerpieces so well! It didn’t take long for the party to start and the dance moves happening out there were pretty impressive!! I found out a new game that must be the thing to do during speeches, some friends would drink every time the word laughter was said! So tell me?! Is that a thing now?! Pretty hilarious!

It was such an incredible time with Melanie, David and all of their family and friends! Loved being apart of their day!! Thanks so much you two! Wishing you a lifetime of love!



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