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Mr & Mrs Collins | A Pink and white Wedding in Downtown Lima

I was suppose to start my wedding season with these two months ago. And I knew that they would have kicked things off with a bang! Then guess what… Covid happened. Are you seeing the trend with all these incredible weddings? So much sacrificing, changing, planning & replanning that all of the scp couples have had to do this year and they have all handled it so gracefully.

These two got married in my favorite church in downtown Lima, these grand cathedrals are just breath taking! Olivia was surprisingly calm when I arrived and really stayed that way for the whole day.

Zach on the other hand haha! I caught him pacing in front of the church and I said HI!!! Happy Wedding Day and his response was almost deer in the head lights, confused. haha!  I actually thought- maybe thats not Zach? So I said, are you his brother? He said, uh no? I’m the groom! I died from laughing, I said, “well, I thought so! But you made me second guess myself!” The nerves had taken over him completely. He responded with how nervous he was, all he could do was pace.

And let me make it clear. He wasn’t nervous because he was second guessing his decision to marry Olivia. But when you prepare, then re-prepare for this day, you get nervous- hope and pray things go just as you had hoped. The pressure of standing up in front of everyone, the wonderment of seeing your beautiful bride in her dress. It’s a lot to take in for one person!! They weren’t nerves of uncertainty- but nerves of being so certain that the excitement is almost too much to bare. The wait had been long, but boy was it so worth it.  I showed him his spot in the basement and thats where he continued to pace back and forth until things finally started moving along.

Olivia’s dress was so amazing!  Thick lace covered sleeves that flowed so perfectly into the body of the dress, an open back and a gorgeous train. She was surrounded by beautiful girls in pink, with pops of red in the flowers.

The guys looked SO sharp in black suits! They had the coolest ties! Knitted with a fine detail but straight edge! Most ties come to a point, not these! Straight across at the bottom!

I’m not gonna lie, Zach held it together far better than I expected him too as Olivia made her way down the aisle! And in that moment, he breathed a sigh of relief, a sigh of comfort knowing soon enough she would be beside him. A beautiful ceremony where the father said some things that really hit home. He touched a lot on Olivia & Zach’s parents. Imagining how they felt watching their kids reach this beautiful milestone. It’s something I think so much about at every wedding in regards to my own kids. One day Zach and Olivia will be sitting in the pews, looking up at their kids, their babies- watching them say I do to forever with someone. What a rush of emotion that brought on. Life- it goes by so so quickly. Before you know it, all the spit ups, temper tantrums, teenage attitude, sports running days turn into a day where they are standing in front, in a lace dress or black suit and how can you really put into words what that feels like?

I knew this wedding was going to be a large celebration of love, I had so much fun with Zach and Olivia at their engagement session I knew that their wedding day would be nothing less than the same! I was right! Their friends and family were so much fun! The day seemed to fly by, we quickly got through portraits, and began the celebration. Toasts, Cake cutting, and of course the dancing all took place under clouds of baby’s breath!

I may not have started my season with these two, but it was the perfect pick me up in the middle of busy season!

I adore you both, Olivia & Zach and can’t wait to watch you grow!! As always, a lifetime of happiness, love and more laughter than you can imagine!


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