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Emily & Dru | Late Summer Engagement in Lima Ohio

I’ve know Dru since high school if not before, but my first opportunity to meet Emily was at a styled shoot sometime ago, long before they were engaged. Emily was quiet, sweet, didn’t say much. her smile was BIG and infectious. I didn’t know them as a couple at that point, but I could tell that Dru loved her. It was obvious in the way he looked at her all throughout this shoot. We joked with him about popping the question multiple times that day. Nothing like putting on the pressure!engagement session, couple in front of USPS in Lima, Ohio engagement session downtown lima engagement session in downtown Lima

Fast forward, I saw on instagram- he did it! He proposed! With their family and friends in hiding, in front of the iconic Cleveland sign- Dru asked Emily for forever. She said yes. I may or may not have almost peed my pants when I saw Emily and Dru’s inquiry come through.

Fast forward yet again, Emily & Dru come back to Lima for their engagement session and what ended up being an incredibly fun night. It was our second time meeting all together and I saw a totally different side to Emily. She’s hilarious and spunky, my spirit person. So much of how she interacted with Dru made me think of how I interact with Kenny. Kenny would call me immature- I say, Fun for life. Dru seemed much less annoyed by her antics then Kenny does mine! haha!

We explored downtown, found a few new spots I love. They compliment each other so well, Dru’s masculine rugged look is softened with Emily’s gorgeousness wrapped in his arms. We left downtown and headed to one of my favorite spots and ended in the most romantic of ways! We spent lots of time after their session talking about their vision and plans for their wedding- you guys- it’s gonna be epic!!!

I loved seeing Emily as Emily. Her spirit filled my soul, she’s funny, a little crazy- in a good way, spunky and full of life! It’s been really neat to see Dru as an adult, he’s quite possibly mellowed out more than he was then. He’s perfect for Emily and Emily is perfect for him. I’m over the moon excited they found each other and even more excited to get to play a little part in their love story!! I’m counting down the days until I get to see and celebrate with them!

Their ability to rock the model face and yet instantly laugh and exude so much joy in the very next second is top notch! I don’t think we could have had a more perfect night. Enjoy some of my favorites from their shoot!

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    Happy Days to you always!

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