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Kim, Curt and Leo | Engagement

Kim and I reconnected a few years ago after some major life changes brought her back home. I met little Leo, as she called him then.

His cheeks were chubby and his thighs chunky. The love that Kim had for Leo just radiated from her. He was her whole world. The glue that held her together in a sea of changes.

I’ve had the honor of photographing Kim & Leo every year since and it’s been so incredible to watch Leo grow, but even more so to watch his beautiful mama grow and change into exactly who she was meant to be.

The bond that these two share was like concrete, just a beautiful mama and her beautiful boy. I knew long before Curt entered the picture that whomever Kim allowed into her life was going to have to be someone pretty special and that opening her heart to someone was going to be no easy task.

Now insert Curt. It didn’t take more than about 4 minutes of seeing the three of them together to know that this was it. That Curt was in fact that very special someone. That the three of them were perfect for each other! Watching Curt love on Leo about made my heart explode.

Fast forward, I knew deep down that an engagement was gonna happen- it just had to! And when it did, I may or may not have teared up. Kim (and Leo) deserve the world, and I got to witness first hand how happy Curt made them both!

We met up for their engagement session and although it was chilly as ever we had such a great time! I missed my little Leo man and always love love love my time with Kim! It was wild to see just how much little Leo was now Big Leo. Lost his chubby cheeks and chunky thighs.

Now tomorrow these three get to share in the most exciting day! Their wedding is FINALLY here!! I can’t wait to share in this celebration. Can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow, laugh with you, I already told you i’ll be crying and dance the night away with some of my favorite people!!! No better time to share some of my favorites!



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