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Mr. & Mrs. Borchers | A Sage and White Summer Wedding at The Mansion at Ravine Drive in Youngstown Ohio

To say I was looking forward to Emily & Dru’s wedding is an understatement! To know them is to love them! I ran into Emily the night before as I exited the elevator to find my room in the hotel. She asked about Arden, my drive and more. Then I posted a story where Dru responded asking where I was staying because it looked like where Emily was. As dumb as it sounds, they made me feel like they were just as excited I was there as I was excited to be there!

As I pulled into the drive I was greeted my David, Emily’s dad. He gave me a tour of the Mansion and shared with me all of the personal touches that Emily incorporated into their day. Wedding photos from former generations displayed a top the fireplace. The glass bottles were family heirlooms passed down for weddings and the dessert table was filled with old family cookie recipes. They were quite delicious and the perfect pairing for a long drive home!

When you enter through the front doors you would see straight back to their handcrafted sweet heart table that Dru made himself just days before the wedding. The further you stepped in the more you were surrounded by the grand staircase that was covered with the most beautiful of greenery!

Long taper candles lined the center of the long tables, tucked neatly into the matching greenery. It was an intimate arrangement. Their guestbook was vinyl record covers that family and friends could sign so they could be added to their collection. Through the doors of what I would call the mahogany room, was the ceremony spot. Every aspect was breath taking! White chairs stood out agains the green of summer. Two chairs held photos of those dancing in the clouds.

As I made my way upstairs I again was greeted by Emily, This time she did a little pre wedding dance/wiggle/shake. Her excitement for the day was overflowing.  The girls all looked incredible in their light sage green dresses. Dru wore a blue suit which stood out against the guys in light gray. His lapel was not weighed down with a floral boutonniere but a small pin that held both a photo of his late father, and the heartache of missing him.

Her bridesmaids gave Emily a box, inside a letter from each of them. Along with letters from her parents and Dru. Something I think she will love to look back on for many years to come. It was a hot one, the air felt hot against your skin but it could have been 200 degrees and I don’t think Emily & Dru would have cared- it was their wedding day! Dru sat and read a his letter from Emily in a private moment. His hands trembled with emotion. As he finished and stood he exhaled a large sigh of relief. No tears. (Barely).

Emily’s dress was the first of its kind that I’ve photographed. It fit her like a glove, and flowed out to an incredible train. If you got close enough you could see the shimmer of sparkle that was in it. She was just as beautiful as I knew she would be!!

He was awaiting the love of his life at the end of the aisle, the grand doors off the house opened and out stepped Emily & her father. Emily’s smile consuming her face. They shared personal vows, Dru sharing ways he knew Emily was different even on their very first date, one being the way she licked cleaned each finger after finishing her dinner. Emily demonstrating for everyone in attendance. Emily words getting choked up as she spoke about her love for Dru, his hard work and a sentiment I think they both shared was her longing to have had the chance to meet Dru’s father. They shared their first kiss as husband and wife and spent a few moments greeting their guest as they made their way to get drinks!

After dinner, friends and family made their way into the mahogany room where the Dj introduced each individual wedding party member with a personal and pretty comical note written by Emily & Dru! They shared in dances and toasts surrounded by their guests. As the night cooled off family and friends could be found all along the property, enjoying the serenity and  peace that came with its location. Emily on the other hand was found on the dance floor, every so often a song sending her and her friends into a former dance routine.

This day was everything I could have imagined! My heart bursting for these two. They are each others complement. I loved every second of my day with them!! I hope you two are relaxing and enjoying the rest of your honeymoon!! I can’t wait to watch life unfold for you both! Dru- Don’t forget- no give backs!


  1. Elizabeth Gonzales says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures. I also loved your narration among the photos. Everything was stunning and I also think the Love of the bride and groom exudes thru their smiles.

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