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Mr. & Mrs. Stolly | A BlueJay Weds a Thunderbird in a Blush & Tan Summer Wedding

A battle of the birds if you will. A love battle that is. Raised a blue jay, Bailey met and fell in love with Joel a rival thunderbird. It was an on going joke throughout the night. Their lives and families intertwine through schools and cities and generations.

Bailey and Joel were suppose to get married last year but decided to push back with the covid regulations. It was a beautiful summer day, hot but cooled by the breeze. The church pews quickly filled with family and friends all eager to celebrate a long awaited marriage. They said I do in the beautiful cathedral of Delphos St. Johns. Joel down the aisle. Cool, calm and with the biggest smile. Honestly, i’m not sure who wore the biggest smile, Joel or Bailey!

After their ceremony we were met by Bailey’s parents who brought along their sweet Moose for photos, and by Moose I mean dog! She wore her wreath with excitement! They joined friends at the local bar, The Rustic. Shots, hugs and lots of laughs were shared!

We headed to Kalida’s Four Seasons Park where a very large white tent held incredible live music, family, friends and cold drinks! They started their night with their first dance. Joel’s dad later spoke about the way they looked at each other. I had noticed it too. The love they felt towards each other was overwhelmingly obvious. Their smiles always wide when their eyes connected. Even if from across the room.

Everyone took full advantage of the warm weather and beautiful pond outside of tent. Cold drinks in hand and lots of connection happening after a very long year of separation and disconnect. Happiness radiated from everyone in attendance!

We headed out for some sunset photos and couldn’t have asked for more perfect night!
Wishing these two, and moose, a lifetime of love, happiness and lots of laughter! I hope you enjoyed some of my favorites!

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